Augur sweepstakes paid out the first $ 20,000

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Augur sweepstakes paid out the first $ 20,000

Augur, a decentralized betting platform, has proven its worth to the world. On Twitter, the project representatives told about the first payments.

In total, during the period of accepting bets, an amount of $ 20 was formed thousand, which was eventually successfully transferred to users according to the rules of the project. Platform co-founder Joey Krug noted the following: «We found several bugs in the user interface, which, however, do not pose a serious threat to the life of Augur.».

As a reminder, Augur is a peer-to-peer platform within which anyone can form their own question (rate). This can be as an attempt to find out opinions on the upcoming election results, as well as sports betting and much more. It all depends solely on the imagination of users. In this case, the information is stored on the blockchain, and all parties can see the actual results..

Augur sweepstakes paid out the first $ 20,000

The payment stage is also notable for the fact that there were a lot of rumors about the project’s insolvency before. In other words, Augur users literally trusted the team, which ultimately did not disappoint. The fundraising itself was initiated almost three years ago. The work was carried out for a long time, in connection with which investors began to doubt the possibilities of bringing the project into the real world..

Earlier we wrote that Augur shows a daily volume of bets of $ 400K and a turnover of about $ 1.5M.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Nina P / Reshot