BitTorrent Creator Criticizes Ethereum Development Plans

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BitTorrent Creator Criticizes Ethereum Development Plans

The developer of the BitTorrent protocol, Bram Cohen, considers the ideas of the ASIC-resistant Ethereum algorithm and the Sharding scaling solutions proposed by Vitalik Buterin to be unsuccessful..

IN message thread on Twitter, he tweeted that Ethash’s robust algorithm promotes centralization, has a limited duration, and lowers the overall network hash rate, effectively making it easier to attack 51%. Adding that to deal with ASICs it would be easier to simply use «thermonuclear technology», e.g. proof of space and time.

Bram also called the implementation of the second level Sharding solution a bad idea, considering it not the only option and far from the most effective one. According to him, payment channel networks cope with the scalability problem much better, and division into many shard blockchains will only distribute miners, which will reduce the complexity of mining and reduce the reward of each individual participant. Cohen believes that real Sharding requires miners to participate in all branches at once..

He also criticized the proposed plans for the development of the economic component of Ethereum, noting that the first priority should be automation, and not increasing the role of humans in the consensus..

However, the creator BitTorrent considers not all of Buterin’s ideas to be unsuccessful, for example, he did not mention the recently proposed new model for verifying Ethereum transactions..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: gzn