IZHS has become popular in Russia

Why is Stalin becoming more popular in Russia?

IZHS has become popular in Russia

According to Rosstat, the past six months marked an interesting trend: about 52.8% of new housing in the country was built independently.

It is noteworthy that such indicators literally return the country to the period of 1946–1950s. And if earlier such statistics were explained by the post-war situation, today it is a direct consequence of Russia’s long-term stay in a protracted crisis. Due to the long-term decline in the population’s income, people are forced to independently resolve the housing issue, bypassing more expensive options. At the same time, the leading positions are held by the Moscow and Leningrad regions..

In the Internet joke that such videos may soon become a practical guide for Russians

The overall growth rates of self-built housing in comparison with the data of the previous half of the year show an increase of 32.6%, which is a record. Construction industry experts note that the level of interest in purchasing finished housing from investors who previously preferred to make money on the difference in final prices, against the background of rising real estate prices, also decreased. An additional blow was the introduction of restrictions on equity transactions.

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Todd Quackenbush / Unsplash, video: Primitive Technology