Kaspersky Lab Unveils New Blockchain Voting Platform

Cybersecurity Company Kaspersky Debuts Blockchain-based Voting Machine

Kaspersky Lab Unveils New Blockchain Voting Platform

Antivirus software development company «Kaspersky Lab» presented a prototype of a new blockchain platform for online voting Polys.

The system allows voters to securely confirm their choice not only at polling stations, but also remotely through a special application. To do this, those who wish can receive a unique QR code or token, with the help of which each voter can only once confirm his / her will on Polys. Then the system automatically encrypts the received votes and counts them.

The platform allows you to take part in elections not only via a PC, but also using a smartphone. However, the blockchain will still prevent double voting by blocking re-confirmations..

Such a system significantly reduces the possibility of fraud, as well as reduces the cost of personnel and resources for organizing polling stations..

Since blockchain is the best technology to ensure reliability and trustworthiness data, it is actively implemented by government agencies around the world. For example, recently UAE launches blockchain platform to store information on the activities of all healthcare organizations.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Arguments of the Week