Rosobrnadzor will introduce blockchain in the USE from 2019

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Rosobrnadzor will introduce blockchain in the USE from 2019

The head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov said that from 2019 the department plans to use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of the USE system.

TASS reports, that at the conference on the use of information technologies in the education system, improvement of management methods and quality, they also spoke about the possibility of switching to computer informatics from 2020. In addition to blockchain, the Unified State Exam will use new technology for printing and scanning in the classroom.

According to Ekaterina Malyarova, Ph.D., teacher of the BCL continuing education program, the idea of ​​using blockchain technology in education in general, and in the USE in particular, is quite promising. The use of a distributed ledger will have a beneficial effect on process optimization, but probably will not significantly affect the number of appeals from participants..

«The main advantage of blockchain – ensuring the reliability of the data already in it. At the same time, using technology, it is impossible to ensure the objectivity of information that is only entered. This feature will not allow to significantly reduce the number of those who doubt the objectivity of the assessment.», – the lawyer thinks.

Regarding the relevance of this idea, taking into account the fact that it is not the first year that the rejection of the USE as such has been discussed, in the near future, fundamental changes in the field of assessing the knowledge of graduates are not expected for objective reasons. Obviously, none of the alternatives proposed to date (including the proposal of the State Duma deputy Boris Chernyshov to replace the USE with a blockchain system for identifying talent) is perfect and fully developed..

Recall that the Russian government also plans will expand the definition of digital financial assets. According to the new version of the bill, any rights recorded using the blockchain will be recognized as such..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: mediakuzbass