Sydney to build 180-meter hybrid timber building

Atlassian to build 180 Meter Tall Hybrid Timber HQ in Sydney

Sydney to build 180-meter hybrid timber building

Atlassian Announces Plans To Build World’s Tallest Hybrid Timber Building For Its New Sydney Headquarters.

Australian software developer wants to build a 40-story office about 180 meters high by 2025 to house 4,000 full-time employees. 

The building will be in the form of a tower, all internal structures of which will be made of pressed coniferous wood. The facade will be made of glass and steel with a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, natural ventilation, many planted terraces and self-darkening windows.

According to the designers, Atlassian’s new headquarters will be fully powered by solar panels on the fa├žade. The company aims to make Sydney one of the world’s leading technology cities and provide optimal working conditions for its employees..

Construction of the new headquarters should begin next year.

The United Arab Emirates is also seeking to develop scientific activities in their country and for this the government allocated $ 135 million to build a technopolis under glass domes in the middle of the desert..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Atlassian